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Good Girl Goes Bad (Spice 1)

Aha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha BLAOW! Y'know I'm sure all you hustlers out there know Every rose got its thorns Aha-ha You know I gotta lil' some some Y'all probably dobe been thru before If you're a real hustler, then you know somethin about dis Peep game! What you know about a, good girl gone bad, aha I'mma lace you up wit somethin I gave a nigga 8 G's to flip a half of thangs Slang him for 13 in St.Louis, we about the lucci Bring the 13 back and add 500 to the pot Get a ho from the Mexican homey, set up shop Fly the friendly skies, 30 G's between her thighs We can doublelise, be leavin me paralysed I was puffin on a Cuban cigar, model style And iced down during the draught season, ghetto smilin In the back of my brain, my cock is goin insane Sayin "Chico, why you chucked the bitch in the game?" But she ain't new to this, she done her times befo' Kick back and close my eyes, thought about her no mo' I'm on a flight to Chicago, witta fine ho To kick start my cargo and die slow If the good girl goes bad, I'd hate to do it But she's sleepin in the bodybag, toe tagged The fellas sleep on the plane, lookin at her breasts Dreamin of sex and in a Lex, bodies soakin wet Lickin the sweat from off the chest, what's next? Four niggas run up with fully Teks, and tried to get me wet Shit blacked out and I woke up, they sent her to Midway Where we was sposed to slang the YAY! As she got off the plane looked at her ass kinda sad Hope the girl don't go bad If the good girl goes bad If the good girl goes bad If the good girl goes bad Cos bitches even gaffle boss ballers for cash If the good girl goes bad If the good girl goes bad If the good girl goes bad I'm tryin ta get things I never had We arrived at the Court about a quarter-to-8 She said she wanna go and eat some lobster and steak I said "Hold on baby, before we continue You know that's the little fuckin side of the menu" She said "I got my own money, I'm just playin, loosen up I came to handle business, I don't come here to fuck" Anyway, where your fuck's at? When they comin? In a cue-ball 5, pulled up a tan woman Wit some niggas in the back of the car, another followed Pulled out the Hennessey bottle and took a swallow "Wait a minute bitch, I ain't gettin in there" She said "I know, they came to make sure we're here" We need to find a telly, put some food up in our belly Take a shower and shit, call them fools when we're ready In the low-key, we're in the cars switchin fo' lanes Wit the windows tinted bout to go and slang me a thang She was lookin at herself in the mirror wit lipstick I'm thinkin to myself "30 G's wit one kick" Got my mind on my money, all about the cash Hope the girl don't go bad They hit the hotel lobby about 10:26 (26) I told baby doll to go and give em the kicks (Give em the kicks) I shoulda went wit her, I knew somethin was fishy Gave them niggas straight flour and came back to kill me Damn bitch, you did WHAT? She smirked and laughed And said "Nigga, I'm the Fed", bitch pulled out a badge Said "Come and go with me", ho you must be loco Baby talkin bout let's go to Acapulco I was down for this shit she hit me with Knowin she the Feds and all, wit her hands on my balls Started huggin and kissin, even though she the Feds Put my hand on her ass, she caught a slug in her ear WHAT THE FUCK? They shot the bitch in the dome I fell to the floor, pulled out the shotty chrome Bustin at niggas, makin sure I get home (BLAOW!) Caught up in mo' gangsta shit and I'm all alone Tryin to smob out, wit the yay and the cash Fools screamin out "Nigga, we gon' kill your ass" Pulled the strap on the chauffer, jacked a limousine Do what I gotta do to flee from the scene The good girl went bad The good girl went bad The good girl went bad Cos bitches even gaffle boss ballers for cash The good girl went bad My good girl went bad The good girl went bad I'm tryin ta get things I never had She went bad I thought it was all good though Game'll switch up on you quick, baby But I'm sure all you real hustlers out there know what I'm talkin BOUT Y'know, SPeezy 8's in the house, Bossalini forever Immortalised, BLAOW!