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Postmark My Compass (American Nightmare)

I am bleeding through Writing songs for you If I could say what I felt Then I would draw for you I'm just a boy letting go of his heart Because the days are like knives And the knives are so sharp One more kiss - so I don't forget And then I'll open my arms To embrace the regret Fragile dreams - fistfight kings Slowdance queens... Oh pick me please Sending "get well" cards to former stars 'Cause I know how it feels To have fallen so far Talentless yet nothingless Than hopelessly in awe of you I want nostalgia forever If we throw this life away Will we ever have to live again? Say "no" and I'm all yours Say "yes" and I'll still pull Tell the boys I'll see them soon Your lips were the softest yet North, east, south and west... I gave you my very best I left my heart in yesterday (Remember how it used to be) I shot myself full of memory (Before the world turned on me?) Forget what you know Forget that it hurts The "new days" are coming... They're getting worse I am bleeding through Writing songs for you They're all for you