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Sweep Me Away (Looptroop Rockers)

Sweep me away, sweet girl of mine Blow me away, blow my mind You came to me when I least expected it Swept me off my feet no idea neglecting It had me trapped i´m struck by the lightning It´s cold world but with you i´m never frightened You take me to higher heights new levels We´re the winning team on the podium with all medals Cos two as one has invicible hearts Althought i´m away and we´re physically apart Circumstances difficulties how we solve them Not a straight path but the love is never the problem And we got the greatest gift the world ever seen Way better than i could ever imagine it in my dreams. Sweep me away, sweet girl of mine Blow me away, blow my mind I have no idea why we ended up here Trying to retrace my steps but i reach nowhere About to reach the maximum my bare feet can bear Alone, you need a good friend in these streets out here But the street sweepers keep em empty Not clean but nothing living that could tempt me or set free From myself or to protect me break out from liberal individual prision Living in a cynical city called Break down the walls of jericho it´s really cold Consisting of concrete metal glass garbage upper Lower middle class garbage Walk around where everyone is considered a target Everyone and everything is considered a product People being sold in grey zones and black markets Empty out your heart and souls empty out your pockets And this was supposed to be a love song Incurable romantic why the love´s gone I´m looking for a head strong woman To prove me wrong and to… Sweep me away, sweet girl of mine Blow me away, blow my mind