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Simple Machines (Dismantled)

You are right and I am wrong I could argue but I love your confidence So I'd rather not compete And accept my own defeat It's easier But just because I don't talk back Doesn't mean I'm in the dark It's just that talk is cheap I would rather pay the cost Put my ego into songs That speak "You talk about love You talk about dreams But you're just all simple machines to me You say you got trust It's not gonna last 'Cause you're just a simple machine to me" I don't think you are convinced Maybe somehow I have missed the point in this Everyone keeps marching past Telling me "Get back on track You're ruining this" Well it's too late for me All I got to keep this going Is your distrust in me And I could care less Fuck all my friends No one will be there in the end I'll die alone, but free But before I fade away I can still give you a taste of tragedy And don't deny it Just embrace it You can't hold back the tides See me rise up one last time Let the wind blow me to shards I hope they cut right through me And these last words that you hear are