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Truly Madly Deeply (Day One)

It was a windy day outside the cafe He was drinking coffee, she was sipping Chardonnay And the were both from different (murks ?) of life, Hers' a better life, his' a harder life He walked his rhythm in worn leather shoes, the sole split Down in an old leather jacket She walked her rhythm in designer shoes expensive, Her style got it (bother ?) quite overdressed And then it happened, looking at each other imagine us as lovers Don't ask said words, we only sat and sight It felt right so stepped to her and said to her : "Leave with me and compete with me Leave with me and complete with me" As they walked there was a silence between them And silence is that counts for words She looked into his eyes, romanticised his whole life He had that look that he was foreign Get up and smoke and spoke his words like a ballon He was unshaven, (haired are craven ?) For danger of a stranger, looked like he had it in his nature And she said : "what are you thinking What are you thinking about ? What are you thinking, what are you thinking about ? And he said:" the difference between thinking and talking Is that talking is the expression of thought And thought is the unexpressed idea So if I know it is enough and ( if I said it I'd've thought em .? She said:" you cant think enough" He said:" you can think too much, you can think up a dream But there's no dream that you can touch" "But I can touch you, so you must be true" And said (it out ?) That I can touch you, so you must be true and said (...?) It was a windy day outside the cafe...