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Destiny (B-Legit)

And it goes down, like this, like this (Into my des-ti-ny , now I see now I see) And it goes like this, like this (Was once confused by these haters, now I see now I see) Im in the house about six, twist the lit I park my V-Hic feedin my bitch They wonder if I switched since I signed my deal, Im Legit! Im deep up in this game for real The bars of steel I got the black gate Twin 38's just to keep things straight Im late for everythang money is joy I run the rap game like a ol' D-boy I can rock gator boots and wear K-Swiss Put the diamonds on my pinky watchin the wrist I'll tell you like this the g'z gon' sag wit some real freem in my bag And it goes like this, like this Des-ti-ny now I see, was once confused by these haters in this cold So-cie-ty Now maybe Im wrong about the way I fluc But the game stays real to me I cant help but get my skrill Im in the wind, 600 Benz up in the traffic My rims, reals girls in it's like magic, its drastic Tryin to live the life that i live I rap P.I. and stay high as i need Im a factor, brought in a rapper Im from the game Legit is the name the mo' skrilla the fame In the train, all in Seatle where it rains You can by my slang Im from the bay maine A rap star peice Im a beast on the mic It's ten, I'll creep up in by midnight You can check my rap site And it tell you that yo' boy he the bomb And it goes like this, like this Make way, a brand new day, so peep the boss It's true when I come through so tear it off It cost, so we all kick it and ball And talk about the platinum and gold on the wall Im a savage, aint nobody bad like me Got people from the bay all the way to DC Ask the boy RP and KRED about a hog out the valley named legitamet B Im a mac, I rap on special request Call me superman without the cape and the "S" Im from the hillside and plan to hold that down So let me know when you fools hit the westbound Im feelin like I got the whole world in my hands Give the boots on the feet for the limp-in Sophisticated high classsssy If you gonna have it, have it Lavissssh