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For So Long (B-Legit)

So much mail I can hardly spend it VS lumps in my rolex pendent Shit been spending for the past ten years Face done escaped all tatooed tears I guess I can only thank the Lord for that 'Cuz shit was gettin' hectice tryin' to get my scratch If it wasn't them one time penelopes It was coward ass niggaz tryin' to take my G's When I first started out I was broke as a bitch Grew up in the slums wouldn't trade it for shit 'Cuz the niggaz that was rich when I was poor Is now on blow and comin' through buyin fat 2-0 See they spend it with me But pretendin' to be On the grind Tryin' to get a stack like mine But now I'm knowin' Pockets growin' And when it's snowin' ??????? Yo' nigga can't lie I was livin' it up The rule of big pimpin' now my '70 Cut' I probably hit the park drinkin on Bo's berry Slammin' Rick James 'cuz I'm in love with Mary You can't be scary if you want your scrill Pack you steel Nigga kill at will Guard your grille 'Cuz if you real Then it's on I'm talkin' so long Oh so long making my revi's So many playas comin' up in the game And everybody got a sack of rock cocaine Mobb car drivin' Condo livin' And every fuckin' day was just like Thanksgiving The city where I'm from is getting so damn cold Niggaz outta control At 16 years old Them young muthafuckas ain't givin' a fuck They tryin' to get a buck And get some hair on their nuts The savage ass grind starting takin' my mind A nigga came through with all new tec-9's Semi-automatic with extended clips A chopper every nigga down with my click Neighborhood funkin' Mail's on slow It's barely comin' through And all I'm sellin is O's I ride high performance when it gets like this Electric everything, racing cam and kits I'm livin' on the edge but I'm lovin' the high I'm either goin' down or I'm goin' die Hot ones echo through the geto limp Put the tip out the window let the AK spit They just caught my homey with a pound of crack Plus the other day they said he robbed a bank A million dollar bail in his Uncle's own All charges got dropped cuz it's oh so long Oh so long making my revi's My Momma must have prayed real hard for me 'Cuz I woke up in the mornin' wasn't slanging no D I was on my way out to the church to see If the Lord could find a better way today for B Read me some scriptures Fed my soul And I'll tell you like this I ain't slangin' no more Your boys been blessed in so many ways In the night and in the day and in His name I pray Thanks for the Lexus, jewels, and home Even though I can't take 'em with me when I'm gone But Heaven is the place for Legitimate B So when You come and get Your folks You comin' for me Oh so long making my revi's