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Have It All (Charli Baltimore)

Time flies Still remember all the good times spent Trips to the beach and watchin' horror flicks Even though your mind wasn't with each other You showed each other love like sister and brother When i was small everyday you picked me up from school Loved you so much cause you were soulful Told me everything i know from youth till i grown So why you waiting to tell me how the problems grown You died on your birthday It was my worst day Call you dad know but i did it from my first day Just like my dog 18 with mad cream Popped out on the drug scene Had cats from other teams Hatin Went from juvy hall to willy(?) In 6 months time Makaveli and Philli But it's hell on everybodys tell Gun shots to your back on valentines day I miss you bell(?) Didn't we almost have it all But love was all we had worth giving The rise with you was worth the fall of yah Cause loving you made life worth living 17 when i meet you Never bet you would help me bring a life to the world And bless in you I thought we were destined to have our names tattoed But i guess your depression got the best of you With test in you things are gonna work out But you got scared and had to murk out Suicied ain't the only way It's the lonely way Now everybody just left me with death to except But i still had you I still had my boo We were right there at the height of everything The height of your carrer i still wear my ring You said you wouldn't leave me like everyone else One bullet took you instead Infared Now i can't even pick up the phone to call you Damn we had it all too Didn't we almost have it all The nights we had until the moring You know you'll never love like that again Didn't we almost have it all Everbody didn't know what to do about the lost Just let it past But i'll never forget Death is the final set But i survive And try my best to keep the memories alive Yo everbody Say we be Though were apart It just seems so far But i know in my heart I will always love you Though were apart It seems so far But i know in my heart I will always love you