Charli (Charli Baltimore)

Charli, Charli Charli, Charli What Who got the 6 foot 9 niggas loving the thang? Charli, Charli Floor seats to the Sixers game? Charli, Charli Chicks screaming cause they loving the name? Charli, Charli Say my name Charli, Charli Say my name Flows tumble down like an avalanche Who ride and murder tracks like an ambulance? Still rap like I never stepped off for a sec I'm back and this rap shit just be getting me wet Y'all know Charli, sorry For your unbelief So much ‘tude on y'all like a Diva No nigga rhyme tighter Flow sicker, limelighter Fans need her (yeah she still off the meter) Hating chicks sick like *cough* she a trick What y'all know about me To flow about me Who be V.I.P In films with Spike Lee PHILLY, PHILLY In case you wanna know where I be Hold it down for the rest of the peeps Blessing the streets BANG, BANG I'm next in the beat HUH, HUH Put your money on Chuck Cause I'm destine to beat The fuck y'all know about me All my thugs flipping pack money Living it up Angels taking it without giving it up What the fuck Sheer thongs and we big in the butt What, what you know y'all feel this Y'all know who the real is It ain't enough that I paid my dues Learn the game Whole world learn the name Talk greasy but I earn my fame What Chicks don't know that the chick so low Shit earning to claim Ain't drop but I'm sophomore in this Like not that bitch Baltimore on this Any hate, uh, give more the shit More to spit, incase you don't know how I rip Red head still, thorough bread streets West Phil Left field, came from that, huh, blaze the track My angels dust hot baby plain as that Oh he wanna holler blame the rap Again, second wind now Back in the game Still reign Body parts still remain the same Feel me up Fell the cupboard Fill the cup with Cosmos, A laze, and such Mix it up, we sick with it enough Play to win Who got heat with it? We can take it back to Vaseline on our face, you street with it? Ride hard till I die hard like Bruce Will, whatever A buck five hundred thou two mill So long as somebody fuck with me and my Angels Getting their wings long as the stuck with me On my peace to those who occasionally waited for me Screw face and any motherfucker hating on me Got nothing but love Ride ‘burbans on nothing but dubs No arena shows nothing but clubs No sweet niggas nothing but thugs Nothing I duds Lame niggas say the name uh