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They (Charli Baltimore)

Yea Jealous niggaz and bitches Yea This for y'all Uh uh So many of us, envy us Enough to just make a fly bitch bust with disgust No homo, sick of how they pick me playin this chick And clam I copped my phat shit from playin a trick And my outside appearance gotta stay straight The first opportunity to seal my fate Even well off they say I feel off If they catch me rockless Automatically assume I'm stopless Bounty's on my head for info Gossipers turn philosophers lie My whole life is so strife So I write to escape my memories I got a sudden right to escape my enemies Without rap I'd probably be a talk show guest Topics on my boyfriends and choppin less I guess my life interreges for haters when it's fucked up Copped a Navigator then what? Guess I suck nuts My luck up, I'm stuck up When I'm down they feedin off a bitch Parasitin, so I'm writin this song for them Light skin Type Slim Think I had shit easy? So you wanna talk greasy? Please be judgmental after the facts Yall pouters get to live my life on this track This goes out to all y'all jealous niggaz and bitches FUCK Y'ALL! They dream they have all the things I did So I drop these words inspired by Big Only love those who love you too Only trust those who trust you too Only hate those who hate you too And never ever ever be a fool And never ever ever be a fool And never ever ever be a fool At 15 received ass kickins from niggaz At 18 cats was ass stickin my niggaz I figure I never had a chance for peace 22 mom of two so the stress increased At 24 four people I love diseased In less then a year my life sweet from were? Fear my tears Cause they'll say its a break down I take down the pain with Hennesy But enemies shoot it up they veins high Make lives tumors in other brains I remain Tiffany Lane No doubt tryna sort out Fake friends fake men's Stressed to fuck They curious bout Notorious? "Glorious Day" like Springstein When I bring dreams alive Hatin can survive success It turns to envy And men be worse then bitches Mad when I surpass their riches But I hustle like niggaz do Cold nights to own Nikes and Polo But to own rights and hold mic's for Dolo I know hoes who suck dicks And niggaz alike Just to say that they got me high But despite all y'all and for y'all cause I ball y'all I never fall y'all I still fight all y'all Yall got balls after you hear this to ever talk slick Knowin half y'all jealous hoes go slit y'all wrists