Depicting Colours Of Emotions (Quidam)

Follow my dreams Don't cover my devotion It's getting dark, it's high time to say everything The truth will come out but I fool myself She was sweet eighteen crying in my bed You know it's hard to explain how I need you now I remember rush of emotions in the moonlit night Don't look back at the ghosts behind me I carry love on my shoulders Don't look back 'cos I'm so alone So many times I've been searching for us Now close your eyes, I'll find you in my dreams Then I survive, I survive I have to be strong, the past is coming back to my mind Can't let you in again, I was dying so many times Inside Don't look back at the ghosts behind me Don't look back where all the demons surround me Don't look back 'cos I'm so alone Warm me with your arms, bless me With your lips once again, bless me The passion of you, passion I can't forget one mistake, passion Many years have passed since that winter night Now close your eyes and try to forgive just one mistake