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The Inception Of Darkness Part 2 - Reborn (Eyefear)

I'm burning within Eyes open but still I am blinded This hell I'm trapped in It keeps pulling me deeper and deeper I hear his calling - I will steal your soul!!! Can't see through this dark horizon I kneel before him - There's no tomorrow!!! Where are the angels to guide me? You've fallen But I am here to share your grief Just remember why you're running The dark will soon disappear Take my hand and follow me As I reach out for you Together we will find eternity To share this dream I am the angel that won't leave you behind My burning desires are all that I feel I have no more fear of what will unfold Like a flower in the fall I'll be reborn again Where will I be when I open my eyes? Tonight will find me At the end of the road Tomorrow will see us together I will catch you if you fall I'll be there to guide you I will follow the silver line to heaven I will find you.