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Any Other Heart (Moneybrother)

Don't know nothing'bout any other heart They don't know Even 'bout their own Whatever reason we might have had back then They don't know 'Cause they don't understand I went through some stuff last night "She's" but a little girl" is on Still knew the words to that song Picture us strumming along We made it always Come summer's heat and come the winter's dark and cold They don't know A thing about us at all We get in the van and we'd be driving, and someday They'll know our name They don't know To us it's all the same Headlights poke through the damp and the fog I got the road on Still know the words to the song I'll picutre us strumming along We made always Oh, every road that you might go, it'll lead you to a Cross I didn't see it at the time, but it was closing in on Us Who in the world would know a thing about any other Heart? Oh, once so tight, don't become a stranger when we part Oh, it turned out what they did was wrong Days where made for us when we were young There was choice we made If things were to turn out ok Continuing to do the one thing we knew, it was our way Then what they would say wouldn't count They don't nkow what were about Back in them wonderful days We made it always.