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Keep The Hurt At Bay (Moneybrother)

I get off at three o´clock in the morning That´s just how it is and it won´t change Ain´t sad enough to tear You and me were always out there dancing But I don´t get around much anymore Ain´t sad enough to tear I´ll keep the hurt at bay Refr Ain´t sad enough to tear for you You just left me merely blue And i´m not sure what´s left to say Got left along the way Kept telling my friends Don´t worry, in time I´ll make it through But I can´t smile Because you see It didn´t work out, no Not good at all for me I´ll keep the hurt at bay But how could you leave me right along the way Seems to work out right for all my friends It never ever works out right for me Why never, ever for me then The door is locked and I can´t find the key