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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Positive Vibrations (Moneybrother)

Might have got that information anywhere Let's not just talk about it please If there's a chance, we'll make it anyhow And that way saving me from grief I'll let go Baby I'm really worrying about you For the first time now tonight I see it's really hurting deep inside you It sure feels funny but if it's so I'll let go Cause you been cheating and it hurt me more than you will ever know And if it aint positive vibrations, baby, than it'll have to go Consider that the terrible silence Feels better than it does when we talk We cannot win Let's not begin My friends they talk about it and they said - Oh no, man, can't belive that's true They couldn't belive that shit about you - It don't seem like the stuff she would do Wait a minute baby, listen up now I've been mistreated, I can mistreat too Yeah I Know…