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Unhealing Wound (Dawnless)

Could you have known this morning As you stepped out of your bed That this day was gonna to change you forever That day after school You stand there waiting for the bus But this guy, he said "I'll give you a ride" You knew the boy Cause he was with you il class And he seemed to be a cute guy Could you guessed Wath he wanted Read his mind It wasn't about helping you out And now that he took Your youth away Your life as turn to black And your dreams Fade away As you lay in the dark And the next day You're feeling all dirty inside When is all this gonna end ? The deepest way you could be hurt Gets in your way, is in your life And there are thousands of girls in your case Well I know This won't help you What can I say No mater what I do It ain't enough Freedom's gone And it leaves you in hell All by yourself I'm so a shamed To be a man When I hear wath some do But I know This won't take off The weight that is on you