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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Don't Go Henry (Stuck in the Sound)

Don't go! Henry! (4x) What 's your flavour? Any kind is ok with me! And this is the good one Take that shity song that I wrote for you! When the lights down When we blow up This is the last time So take that shity band that I offer you! Henry! Henry... I hate Henry Don't go! Henry! (4x) On the pavement Selling drugs as a paperboy And caught with the pants down Handcuffed by the cops that I called for you! Well this is the end of love Well this is the end of Handshakes, kisses, Your hands tied yo, Cause you will never, ever, ever go! Henry! Henry... I hate Henry! Don't go Henry! (2x) What's your flavour? Don't go henry What's your flavour? Don't go! WHat's your flavour? Any kind is ok with me When the lights down Any kind is ok with me...