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Angel Of Salvation (Witch Hammer)

1.) Follow him so blind, flock of sheep there´s like. From the grave will save us, when the time is close to come. „Blind relligion Every day“ Sick and evil minds, entwine them about. They are bringing them visions of tomorrow better ones. „Fall to abyss every day“ R: It´s the….victim for angel constructed by faith, Who has to bring them to freedom. Smash up the reasones, dancing on the blade. But in the end there will be treason. In the sky, for them it will be wishing to die and fly, Is waiting beautiful life so fine. Daze and blind, believing every lie and try, Follow the kingdom of madness. 2.) Spill no evil blood, of the other crowd. Moonshine like a poison running from the prophet mouth. „Blind relligion Every day“