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Danger zone (Mystery of Zodiac – pt. II.) (Witch Hammer)

1.) Watch steps behind you, the sunset has come to the town. It´s not advisable strolling the streets at this time. Down in San Francisco maybe that has just begun. Strange kind of ritual. 2.) Unknown phantom with pleasure in speech of the signs. December of sixty-eight wasn´t the happiest month. The youth full of life……………….was ruined. End of the first date was not like the start, Zodiac planted the deathblow at once. R:) I see him coming. You´ve got to be, the nibble of his mystery. I see him coming, to take you down. Danger zone rules in the corners of town. 3.) Hiden in darkness, which imbued into his soul. And If he will die, his publicity will explode. His name in the news, it will be high on the top. This was also the main intention, bring us stir and dread. R:) I see him coming…