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Face Of Liar (Witch Hammer)

I know, who looks in my mind, longing for building my life. He’s trying to drive my back, what’s he trying here? My faith for you is a past, so pack terrible comments. Someone may stuck in your web, I say thanks, not me. Keep your eyes open still, there’ll be some accidents here. You don´t leave with healthy skin. Card has turned on me. Now you live in a scorn, when you are leaving your hole. Eyes of the people adhere on your coat. You thrill. B:) Your time is over, now pay for row deals. The noose is swinging, awaits for justice. R: Into the eyes of fire, behind the face of liar. There you can see the fire burning, burning. Your dirty games loose power, the last drop fell on bottom. Out of your plans the World stops turning, turning.