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Nothing Better Than A Journey To You (Vernon Justin)

from the moment the arms of the midwestern sky broke down to the pavement in a vehicle ragged returning nervously brave, making my way to you heaters have broken, it's cold every day in the mysteries at the top of my mind I've never reached an answer, I'm only given clues nothing better than a journey to you I ain't got a whole lot of things on my list just the freedom and the will to choose I've got you on my mind and nothing to lose nothing better than a journey to you in the thick of the night my stomach is sore I think I'm unable to carry on as the lighthouse gets smaller I'm closer to torn nothing better on a journey to you and sometimes I may stumble and sometimes I wonder what love is and I wonder what it's like to hold true, so close to you I might be wrong, but Mary I need to get to you I know I have hours to go I just said I'd be back and watch the sky blue nothing better than a journey to you I want to grow old with you, no matter how long it takes in the back of my mind you sit always setting in the motion, I know nothing better that a journey to you from the dark desert highway to the mountains of Colorado keep a candle burning at the back of my eyes of you sleeping, ceasing my words bleed from this guitar like you hear someone speak like an oak to the wind in the trees I know you're for sure with me but I still feel like saying thank you and please and every time you sneeze as a wise man once said I believe in love when the breast of the hills meets the color of the sea like your soft cheeks meet the blue eyes looking at me it's amazing trying to put into words the message coming truly in song like one I am simple, our brains too big to use nothing better than a journey to you I won't be quoting some book to conclude in some proof you're only 99 percent so amazing to me but to see the smallest tree and the amount that it grew at the end of a journey, there's you at the end of the journey, there's yo