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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Pier 39 (Vernon Justin)

You talk about affinity You talk about you telling me Your habitat The harbor lights they follow me They're tearing at our company Can't you see? I'm cold like a carving Cold like a wind Bold, gentle, stubborn Your rolling waves I'm baffled by your symmetry Underneath the budded tree Waiting on your game To send you to some other joy I'll pick you up and write you notes Fancy meeting you here Cause you're old like the street names Feels old like our card games Tired as home and morning pains I tie you up with me You will somehow make me learn That what is it inside me that burns A carnival inside this mind Just a divert roadside sign Directing you along the way Feels old like your pages I'm feeling born like your babies I've been boarded up like cages But I'm busting out But I'm busting out And don't you give up on me Don't be like me cause you love me Don't give up on me Don't be like me cause you love me