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Redemption: 1 (an Army Man And His Self-discovery) (Vernon Justin)

We built a wall Standing there, so big and tall Keeping us From the rust of what's hurting us all To feel a spark Of hope in the dark, no matter what the cost To know that nothing Ever will be completely lost I'm at the wall Staring, looking up at the names Mistakes we've made Broken families, no, these aren't just little games Hand the torch To the man who is looking for his blood The warmth of searching For the blood just might be enough I am stable, I am breakable I am boarded up and begging you I am hoping, I am coping It is storming out here I am broken, I am stolen I am chained up and begging you I am bolder, I am older I am just a brother, babe I am spinning, I am hitting I am loved but not gone I am open, it is pouring in Gonna make you love him more than you even can The kid says mia, I say my-a They freed us, no matter what I say I am older, I am bolder I am just a sister, babe I am older, I am bolder I am just a mother, babe I am older, I am bolder I am just a father, babe