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Arthur Mcbride (Planxty)

I had a first cousin called Arthur McBride He and I took a stroll down by the by the sea side A seeking good fortune and what might be tide 'Twas just as the day was a dawning After resting we both took a tramp We met Sergeant Harper and Corporal Cramp Besides the wee drummer who beat up for camp With his rowdy dow dow in the morning Says he me young fellows if you will enlist A guinea you quickly have in your fist Likewise the crown for to kick the dust And drink the king's health in the morning From a soldier he leads a very fine life He always is blessed with a charming young wife And he pays all his debts without sorrow or strife And always lives happy and charming Ah now me bold sergeant we are not for sale We'll make no such bargain, your bribe won't avail We're not tried of our country we don't care to sail Although that your offer is charming And if we were such fools as to take the advance This right bloody slander would be our poor chance For the Queen wouldn't scruple to send us to France Where we would be shot with out warning He says me young fellows if I hear but one word I instantly now will out with my sword And into your body as strength will afford So now my gay devils take warning But Arthur and I we took in the odds We gave them no chance for to launch out their swords Our whacking shillelaghs came over their heads And paid them right smart in the morning As for the wee drummer we rifled his pouch And we made a foot- ball of his rowdy dow dow And into the ocean to rock and to roll And bade it a tedious returning As for the old rapier that hung by his side We flung it as far as we could in tide To devil I pitch you sez Arthur McBride To temper your steel in the morning