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Sweet Thames Flow Softly (Planxty)

I met my girl at Woolwich Pier Beneath the big cranes standing And oh, the love I felt for her It passed all understanding Took her sailing on the river Flow sweet river, flow London town was mine to give her Sweet Thames flow softly Made the Thames into a crown Flow sweet river, flow Made a brooch of Silver town Sweet Thames flow softly At London Yard I held her hand At Blackwall Point I faced her At the Isle of Dogs I kissed her mouth And tenderly embraced her Heard the bells of Greenwich ringing, Flow . . . All the time I had was singing, Sweet Thames . . . Lighthouse Reach I gave her there, Flow . . . As a ribbon for her hair, Sweet Thames . . . From Putney Bridge to Nine Elms Reach We cheek to cheek were dancing Her necklace made of London Bridge Her beauty was enhancing Kissed her once again at Wapping, Flow . . . After that there was no stopping, Sweet Thames . . . Gave her Hampton Court to twist, Flow . . . Into a bracelet for her wrist, Sweet Thames . . . But now alas the tide has changed My love she has gone from me And winter's frost has touched my heart And put a blight upon me Creeping fog is on the river, Flow . . . Sun and moon and stars gone with her, Sweet Thames . . . Swift the Thames runs to the sea, Flow . . . Bearing ships and part of me, Sweet Thames . . .