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When the Morning Comes (Alkemyst)

No question will remain unanswered When I'm gone There is nothing I should fear (Nothing I should fear) I've been trying hard, fightin' my way Back for so long Shadows of the past sorrows are Now forever gone Finally I've reached ashore I'm tired of denying my fate Now I'm at peace with myself No grudge for anyone There's no more reason for hatred No more no more... I know for sure Days follow the nights From death well be brought back to life Life is more than breathing in and out Carrying away is part of the art My cards have already been laid on the table Now I know my time has come: I'll die when the morning comes Now I'm at peace with myself ... I know for sure ... Down to the river I go, down below To the river of lost souls, this is my Shelter, my home Down to the river I go, down below Where the grass has never grown Please hear these last words Please hear an old man's last words I'll leave it all behind me! (Hatred, resentment, deceit) Let me share my last words With the rest of you folks Please hear my last words Remember, remember as I will be gone Hope will live on I know for sure ...