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Profit Margins (Intro5pect)

Presented like a product, Placed in a black box The promise of salvation, Is enough to make us watch There is no thought, And there is no concern We can't retrace our steps Across the bridges that we burn But were content to be Getting what we're getting for free So we lock our chains And we throw away the key But the free comes at a price That we'd rather not think about The free comes at a price We'd rather not think about. Well we don' think much About much these days So the chance of that happening Quickly fades away Into another haze of emotion, Another blur of product Far from any pretense And removed from any context But nothing really seems To be in context anymore We sold our integrity And now we are the whores With our blue plastic checking cards And silicone implants Our pre-constructed world That has all us trapped [Chorus] (and) All we are... Is a tool to be used to pay For someone else's rent A profit gain of 23% (and) All we are... Pieces of paper to be torn into shreds A small piece of capital to be worked until our death Salvation in consumption Is an absurd way to live Products as religion Is too much to give So we fill our lives with useless items To make up for ourselves And we fill our heads with excuses To justify our wealth But the greed that fuels our consumption Seems to be accepted And not just as a fault, But as a trait to be respected How we got to this point Is a question without answer We can blame it on TV, But we set the standard All of this hypocricy Just leaves me more confused Expecting something more When i should just be amuzed At the pettiness, the irony, The ignorance, and abuse The individual twines we braid Into one collective noose Cause at the age of 24 You can't expect me to accept That the standards of humanity Coul possibly be less All we ever wanted Was to be something more than this All we ever wanted Was to be something more than this! [Chorus]