I Want You (James Luke)

It's crazy how your heart just has a mind of it's own, yeah, yeah Like when it smiled and makes the choice on it's own, mhm Well the funny thing about this heart of mine It knows what it wants But see the crazy thing is My mind tries to deny it But girl I can't fight what I know, I know I want you baby, you I want you baby, you Before I met you girl I never knew my heart could dance, hey, hey Yeah, listen I was just a broken record of an one night stand Until you came along, with your beautiful soul You saved me, you saved me, you saved me And now the funny thing about it There's no melody without it I found music when I found you So hear me when I say I want you baby, you I want you baby, you See I've waited all my life For someone like you, someone like you.. whoa And nobody, nobody, nobody else will do Because I want you baby, you I want you baby, you, you Hey, yeah, you baby, yeah I want you, I want you, nobody but you baby Yeah, baby you, nobody but you girl, you I haunt you baby, nobody but you Nobody but you I want you, baby I want you, I want you