Evolution Theory (Modestep)

Let's go back Listen, power Let's go back in a day I'm talking back in a day Before I used to MC When D-Power D he was just a DJ I was in the jungle vibe Selling records from 9 to 5 I used to go old school And skip a bus right then I lost a vibe Then UKG come alive I'm talking munchie Talking And then came one two three And then came Wiley then came Dizzy Kano and D Double E And grime is alive It was hard but we still survived I know music evolves through time but I thank you Lord that grime still alive And I bust the mic Now I'm on lord of the mic Now I've linked on with modestep 2012 is a whole next hype Alright where do I start Let me come back let me go from the start My life without music is a thorn in the heart This marriage could have end in the park It's like taking tea from a shop English way Jamaican herry The rivals listening to Morgan Harage UKJ hard ass crew [?] Beating of the drums Listening to ABBA I knew like when it was like Jacobs Bob Marley, Gwen Steffani James Brunt For you they may hardly relate But for me they're all in the same playground And it all comes together like a rain and cold weather This is my Darwin Theory Not like humans and apes It's more like [?] Then party like a rockstar A rockstar Yeah, yeah For as long as I remember I've always had music on my agenda Yes! Number one contender Yes! Lyrical skunk never heard of my scent I used to listen to Call Fm! Black market Couple a years later Lyrical sniper I was a raver Me and my man got briefing everywhere Goin' on horrid Heartless bears we are so solid To be a MC ouh it was so funny After years and determination I'm part of a world known organization Undefeated no other teaming Me and my mate is a Jesus I was broke Everybody loved me Get paid up I'm sick understatement Me and your mate work in a basement I used to have one pair of nikes Now I've got countless trainers Been doing this thing since TDK Now it's all like top cd Djs The way that I know that's PBK Heartless fun I bust your mind That man there was leaving away That's what I was back in the day But I still represent the sounds of the UK Little bit of dubstep little bit of grime Be my Doing this for awesome crew One for the a track and dynamite boo I don't wanna tell them what to do They'll deal with a nasty crew Park your crew Dj is your passing through MC Sonky