Stay close (Russell Brenda)

You look at me and wonder If I'll go under or give you love you need Will stars always be in heaven? I'm only guessin' as far as I can see I could never give up loving the sun How could I deny such a perfect one? So, when you want the time, dear I have to spend here, I'll gladly share with you My life as far as I imagined There would be passion if only you stay close I could never give up wanting to fly What's a bird in flight without any sky? You make me smile, it's been a while Since I felt this way, won't you stay? Your kiss so light as a feather, pull me together And I'm a stormy sea So, shall I ask my question, just a suggestion Won't you just give your love to me? My love, make it magic It would be tragic if you let go of me I know all the things that sadden could never end If only you stay close to me