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Put This On Facebook (Sir Michael Rocks)

(Verse) 6 I tell er bitch respect and kiss my check and break me up a Xany 666 messages is standing on the locked screen of my iPhone 7s I’m only a criminal like those we elect f**k around worried bout me, worried bout you My girl just got a new grip The world just got a new beat I’m out of yo reach, guess niggas never gon learn Silhouettes of the devil’s chapel statuettes Sacrificial lamb with the rice and a side of death 1-01 just sep, set the gladiator tournament Spent 1000$ for the glasses that squirtle has Splashin in a kiddy pool of acid ‘Cause walkin up on us, you be the main attraction (Verse) Feelin like Bin Laden or Osama, shugugu bam See my little cousin take a rock and kill a baby swan Can’t let by gones be by gones cuz I’m not the one Drink some Hennessey and got upset and started buyin guns Motherf**kers young, yall my sons and I ain’t had none Boose get off the leash and act a fool, I let em have fun I be in the kitchen like a Mississippi grandma 6 cellphones, will paid off my cell son Rollin with my bad thumb, smoking with my bad lungs She don’t even know me but she aks me “can she have some?” Walkin up on me, get you and then your man’s gone Walkin up on me, get you and then your man’s gone