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No Comply (Senser)

You taught me so well to be an idiot I almost became every word that you said and everyday you gave to me special thoughts, lessons free underwhelmed by your generosity I quickly began to compensate so forgive me if I sound disinterested Why should I comply with this? So why should I conform to this? So why should I comply with this? So why should I conform to this? When I stand with the mike in my hand A love of the land I always question those who are in command I'm taking nothing from the troops in their big black boots, got you jumping through hoops and setting fire to your roots. You paramilitary groups you don't scare me, mess with the posse and they might have to tear me off ya, check me, know what I mean? And I don't give a fuck about COMBAT-18. It seems simple the first time they get you 'cause children are all born the same and they play together till someone tells them lies and they got me this way a long time ago but this time they won't get me, no. Roll with the team, turn on the high beam, expose the lies washin' up downstream. You see your BNP you ain't shit to me. Loud mixed-Briton, proud of my ancestry. Get back to jack to that.