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Peanut Head (Senser)

Now it's time to check out the pattern from here to Manhattan and every motherfuckers on the side gettin' a gat and shittin' bullets wastin' lives. Standing breaking heads of the youths in their groups of fours and fives and all the girls pickin' up on their gun t'ings 'cause the way they way they figure them seem to run things. But life is worth nothing, I ain't bluffing when you're puffin' on a barrel you don't talk tough when you start coughing and nobody's bullet proof and that's the truth so na bada come me wit dat big-dick gun-talk ya spoof You won't be sittin' up smilin' in the Intercontinental you'll be layin' out on the slab with your home up for rental now you best seek parental guidance 'cause they shoulda raised you up better you little bed wetter. Now I kicks the slang in this is how I'm hanging, with the crew from the south of the river come to make you shiver and shake when Mr Morgan cuts a funky drum break on the drum kit, this is how we funk it. We don't need no dumb shit 'cause we never come to front it. Grab your logic like a ball I'll take it to the hoop and dunk it. 'cause life is already too cheap, you creep, I best set your alarm 'cause it sounds like you're still asleep. YOUR GUNS AIN'TA WICKED YOUR SOUNDS IS'A WICKED BUT AS FOR THE LIFESTYLE OF DEATH I'D NEVER PICK IT YOUR GUNS AIN'TA WICKED AND YOUR BULLETS AIN'TA WICKED Now I'm going further and further until I reach my destiny it makes no difference if the brothers keep testing me see the rule of the gun ain't ruling we. Many many people I can see turn, become a carrier, strengthen up a barrier enforced by the media - whole time feedin' ya sanitised images of the gun, man. But no I'll never run, man, because it can't be done, understand? You're tying to come dumb but slick to make cash quick 'cause you think it's the new lick it's just another trick. Call it abandon, got my hand on nothing but the mike 'cause it's the phat skills that I like. Part of a cycle, vicious, which is eating up communities whole but you don't feel the impacts because you just sold your syntax. Ya bad boy man, ya rootin shootin' guns playin' think of all the positive shit you could be sayin' but the day in the life of a gangsta sells greener making quick cash of a cool misdemeanour, man. I've seen ya cursin' women, lying of your exploits, so just skip the shit and step straight to the point.