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The Key (Senser)

Sound slips from my lips forms a word the pressure so strong by chance it forms a key for me and what I see is like a satellite in orbit. So rich in colours and detail that I absorb it. Probe my memory to find a door to fit the key without trying. Death defying rays, a unique source. Mapped out a track cruising on course. File these feelings unknown colours burn a heat and a sonic tone each to its own shade as the future is made by burning the the past in the moment we come to call "now", it's forever somehow. Switching from lane to lane, to left to right we ride touch the other side, touch the other side, c'mon. Now you see words don't mean nothing till I put them in lane, they go down the track and come straight back again. Thoughts are immaterial elastic, ethereal coming out like rain-drops and then scatter from form to anti-matter. Dope is a beat coming like a ray of heat from the kick drum so move closer to get some. Discommunicated, I'm initiated by the touch of her lips. A total eclipse for me to focus on spiral on, dance in it, travel on, and on and on... Keep keeping on until the break of dawn.