Edge Of No Control Part 1 (Meat Beat Manifesto)

Hello jack, hey it's mark And i'm at the studio and uh hey man, Just wanted to see what's up And i wanted to give you some bpm's as long as i got your message meachine here We got 117 We got 93 We got 94.5 We got 112 Demeonstrated Obliterated Led by the norms like a bull to the arena hall Imperfection Rolling forward under the pressure Of realize to the pleasure Of seeing the end in sight The year of conformity and everyday life Sterelyzed Demhumanized Taken to the edge of no control Putting the helms from your parents in mass hurled agenda Will lead to gloabal mass hysteria Punching holes in the ozone layer Every thoereality is a possibility Could it be that halcyon days Agree on how we exsist in some numbered stack Filed and then remembered This is a global warning My way to rectify This is for the mass production of my assumption Of the way things run You're looking down the end of a gun This information led to things that will be done Concentration of the liberation Ignorance is because of the nation Almost everywhere A state of disrepair Stunned at the contridiction, thou shalt Sentence analyze Never recognize the root of the problem Once again it's time to let go You're letting your feelings show Positive think is the mass extinction Maximalize capitalize realize Do you dreams replay the past, if not What do your dreams forcast? Take the oppritunity to assess the structure Think with an open mind Lead to effect the motion of culture Communicate it's never too late Just realize This is a cause and effect for a Misguided president select-acapo