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Host Of Human Desires (Vedonist)

Hypnotic dance of deformed shadows The dance of morbid visions, demons of decadence In claustrophobic space of human psyche Wakes desires of deadly solace up In mad elation of soul Insane motions spread the redness Like a blood, which whiteness is hungry for Apocalyptic landscape, a storm of colours Winding lines roll, sparkle with tints of purplish red Dies irae, fury of the flaming sky Cover your ears, my friend Because with the howl of hyenas Host of human desires approaches Schizophrenic sights bury calmness Unrestrained nightmares, dreams of the madman Every limit fade away World of imagination comes into life Paleness paints the deadly pale face Suckcs all colors out, sucks life out Contorted mouth yells into emptiness Scream drills brain, crushes temple Terror, clouds your gaze Deprives of strength, paralyses senses, inflicts pain However, is not the agony what Your miserable body is afraid of Life is your worst nightmare Int the critical minute of my existence I call you, hear me begging Damn self-portrait of the fallen genius The one brought down from clouds of ideals Apathetic spurt gives rise to yell The last scream into void of the steely sky