Lux In Tenebris Lucet (Vedonist)

Convicted for blood we live humbly in a land of eternal night Where the chimney, camp’s black angel, has challenged the sun He has thrown a shade on the bodies hog-tied with a barbed wire Yet could not deprive our hearts of the light Lux in tenebris lucet Absorbed by the society of progressive dehumanization We fight for the inner preservation of pride We stand against the wind with a chain of hatred by our feet Yet your ubiquitous spirit makes us feel free Lux in tenebris lucet The skies thunder over the cursed pandemonium In which individuals defend the memory of their fathers Eternity remains silent over the bestial world In which compassion opposes absurdity The sea bursts into flames over the kingdom of darkness In which human desires to remain human A mirror freezes over the plant of extermination In which the saints’ wings grow without majesty Lux in tenebris lucet Put to an inhuman test we unite in faith And with a prayer we look into the eyes of destiny A cross weighs the weak bodies down, a bloody crown cries Yet we still proceed onto the Golgotha of the common Lux in tenebris lucet