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Objectivity Unjust (Vedonist)

The key to mystery of of human behaviour Guards cruel co-existential truth Spontaneus life is a vision of a madman Pressing minds deride with hollow laugh You are just a function of other functions Slave of human opinions The one, who lays my way With the whip plaited of tears Subjective truth gives you strength To live in lieof objectivity Others' truth is my truth Your truth is no-one's truth You choke with suffering Rigid vision of yourself in their eyes Torment of keeping up appearances Is a whim's string around your neck You plunge in the depths of pessimism Inevitalibly you are going to discover The darkest recesses of destiny Groaning soul is avid for freedom Drives you to brake the bonds Bastards of human blindness As a testimony of damn truth Scream for puppets' attention Desist from your pathetic attempts In yoke of filthy reality Weare just powerless actors In the traveling theater of vanity