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The Dead House (Vedonist)

Welcome to the house of the Torture's charm Welcome to the house of the Hunger's blaze Be my guest Welcome to the house of the Madness' bliss Welcome to the house of the Nightmare's grace You can rest Life is a pain in your neck Stop, you just can't take it back Day is a torment, a road to hell Sad, but it's true -- wait for a bell Fear of the death drives you mad Pain plays with you, ruins your head Tears are your fate, no-one to blame Guilt looks so obvious, what a shame Here is the different world Here are the different laws Here is the different LIFE Here is the different truth Here are the different paths Here is the different DEATH You and your hope are my sneer Pray to your god, the end is near Die like a dog, like a slave Rot in a cold, nameless grave