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A Circle In The Ice (4th Dimension)

Far from home I chase a dream The child inside awakens New perspectives lay one step ahead... All the sudden turns in life sometimes They blind all hope and leave you broken Shifting winds brought union here... The road laid before us runs for endless miles The pull's ever-stronger, it ain't that away Voices and cheers blend with the call of my heart We are just what we are... We're a circle in the ice... Long-awaited days they fade The past is cast into oblivion Places, faces fill my memories... I knew every day the dream would call Now every night it shapes around me A thousands hearts that beat as they were one Like a circle in the ice... As I stand alone, my inmost thoughts coil back home Sanctuary of strength, I feel your embrace... Voices and cheers drown the beat of my heart Tonight our flame's alive... We're a circle in the ice...