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Away (4th Dimension)

Celestial vault, clear ocean of starlight Thyne is the knowledge, thyne is my life... Days lost in haze, in thy reckoning shine My essence, secluded, lies treasured in thee... I do not belong here Empty-handed I pray the distant Cosmos Take me! I do not belong here Hopelessness in me, what have I become, how? Eternal grief upon my heart... Devoid of substance, fulfillment I seek Though questions of ages bear no release... Pillars of strength crumble, wisdom is denied Ours is the failure, as cold as winter ice... Sunrise is waiting, a promise in his wake Longed-for unveiling of times long gone by... Grey spirits roaming, gathered in Limbo, Thirsting for life we lose ourselves... And I... Dawn is getting closer A thousand suns ablaze, such is my reflection I'll live! Dawn is getting closer Rising up in flames, vestige of my sadness A frail memory... I do not belong here Dubious whispers die, shrinking into darkness Lulled by the breeze I'm away... I'm away...