Sworn to the Flame (4th Dimension)

Wrath, born unto deceit and hate, black child of fate, now rule supreme Fire, counsellor of vehemence, cleanser of sins, sweep over me Till my judgement day has come, until my flame is won, Till I'm burnt out from the pattern that engulfs us all... I'll survive, lone I will uphold The sacred principles of courage, truth and love I serve... Here I stand, an Avatar, Ray of gleaming light for the people of these sad, barren times... Ice, quiet source of pureness, vanguard of reason, quench my dark side Pride, old father of sorrow, utmost of all sins, will you challenge me Through the shadows cold and bare where morrow's hope yet fades, Through this madness grown out of pain where dreams are turned to haze... On I'll ride, my candlelight Flickers threatened by the cruel winds of Limbo... Still I stand, I'm just a man, Torn and battered, but my high cause shines on... Time goes by, fool human kind, Frail and faint-of-heart, still sows the seeds of wrath and pride... Sacrifice, kneel by the Light, All throughout your life be sworn to the Flame