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No Prisoners (Labrinth)

Sound of the Odd Children Fresh It's Yeah, fall back, get stepping Time is always money so I'm counting every second Margz, I'll soon buss and I ain't on about a weapon But I roll with brothers that'll spin you like a Western The best in road life, slow grind, cold nights Lunch time, home time, OT, no thanks No left, so right, brothers think I'm messing Put something in your cranium like a lesson Not a rapper but I got riddles Came from the middle with a little pistol ready to cripple I take shots, I ain't on about a dunk or a dribble I'm talking pound sterlings, these boys are on nickels You're fickle, didn't wanna get yourself in a pickle Think a little, brap, I'll leave you stiff like a nipple Pow pow, Lethal but I'm not on that Bizzle I'm not fickle but I've left pals in hospitals Lunar CI got ninety-nine bitches but a problem ain't one I just cotch and blaze skunk, but I don't cultivate 'Cause these coppers ain't dumb, I throw my seed out on the street Like I got a gay son, I was a don at age one You might not have thought that mother fuckers rap in Yorkshire But I ain't stopping and rapping rapping in another's mansons corner Your biggest efforts are nothing, nope, and that's unfortunate Outclassed by a dirty knuckle dragging northerner I go hard, I ain't celebrating 'til my resignation I'm the best with an eleven out of ten in ratings Commiserations to whoever came in second place And try to see this set back as a test of faith and dedication If they're saying I won't blow up then they're hating I'm a mental patient with a pack of matches at a petrol station Fuck that corny persona that you're emulating I spit it real 'cause these dumb shits need educating Hold up, hold up, these mother fuckers don't understand what we're talking about here Team UK is on the move, it's kamikaze mother fucker, we're taking no prisoners, bitch We're taking no prisoners Look, I had my foot in the door I was close and they closed the entrance I'm about to kill 'em and I suppose that my flow's avengence Fuck school, I was never sober with no attendance Rebel 'til the day I'm alone, the roads on the road are dangerous You're rapping 'bout all your clothes, your hoes and your co-defendants You should've had pinocchio's nose when you wrote that sentence Just 'cause you see me rolling the coldest engines Stop calling me "couz" when you know we hold no resemblance You're out of your depth, and you're far from a harbour I can smell your blood like a shark, like a starving piranha, I'm a Tear you apart, I go hard and spit every bar der harder To beef and spar with a Spartan start with some harder armour 'Cause I been plotting like the Osama Obama drama And for your cheddar man'll get eaten like carbonara But remember there's always a darker part of karma Get chopped up and bagged up like skunk from a marijuana farmer As history repeats it's ever un-changing ways, the re-occurring epiphany disguises itself in todays contentment place. This is creative evolution. Yours truly, Timothy McKenzie. Uh, yeah I tell my kids class is in session In the school of hard knocks use my bars as a weapon I'm M.A.X. and never stress, I go hard for my bredrins They're heavily guarded like the House of Parliament entrance They ain't getting past the kid, that's just part of the lesson I'm humble, never once started, so calm the aggression Pass the lemon, yeah I smoke, fuck it, bask in the essence Ray-Bans in the crowd ain't masking my presence Check the latest though, that little boy thought he was cold He got scorched by Maxsta, gave him a sun tan, I ain't even clothed I'm in like Joey Essex up in Essex with a Swedish ho I've been on the wave so long now I damn sure can't see the coast In the lab, my girlfriend on them bed sheets, only weave the flow My team's the most unbeatable, three soldiers like freezing cold But I'm still alive, R.I.P. to you That's the lesson over kids, from me to you