415 (415)

VERSE 1: Richie Rich ] Richie Rich is a factor, a mack, not an actor Who lounges in the cut and waits just to jack the Punks who superficially write Procrastinate, perpetrate, they just bite I don't really give it much thought, just wax em Page the posse, grease the Uzis, tax em And lift up out of there, casualties to rest Get in the Cutlass, drop the gat and the vest Have you ever seen a Vogue tire smoke? Straight on a mission, man, I ain't no joke See, this is a hype tip, cause in the O that's how we do this Handlin boys and punks, I thought you knew this Gangster's bread on a day-to-day basis And then the punk police, they try to face this Form of high rollers just walkin the street Ain't pumped in a year and just because of the heat The money still long, just livin lavish Cause see, the boys in the Oak, they gotta have this Cause it takes money to survive And the hustlers are a product of the 415 [ CHORUS ] The 4, the 1, the 5 (So much mellow mellow at the) --> Bootsy Collins The 4, the 1, the 5 [ VERSE 2: Richie Rich ] Now see, the 415 is a district Should I break it down? Man, I'll get specific First of all we'll hit turfs I'll explain, then you can take for what it's worth Down in the Nineties, 96 to be exact Lips, Disco, Big Ren and the pack Big Tim, Ice Tee and Chuck D and the crew They're all from the school, yes the old and new But 99th yeah, the big rock Plymouth, boy, the old narc spot A lot of brothers now high rollers with fame The Dirt Road is the block they taught on the game Now this shot's for the Village and Big Fee Rest in peace and be strong, Young D They can take you from the game but not the game from you And peace to