Groupie Ass Bitch (415)

[ Richie Rich ] Yo man, what we gon' talk about next? Man, you know what? I think we should talk about these groupie-ass bitches You know what I'm sayin? As a matter of fact, Jed, guess who I seen the other day? [ Jed ] Who? [ Richie Rich ] Man, remember that bitch we seen up at that picnic the one who was campin like she was down with Bobby Brown? [ Jed ] You mean that punk bitch that wish she were like on your album? [ Richie Rich ] Yeah man, I seen her the other day, man, down on the track And guess what, the hoe was jockin the gold kick spins [ Jed ] D-Loc, we need to put somethin out for these fool bitches and let em know what time it is, man [ D-Loc ] Man, it's like this: When a bitch fuck with a young vet like me I treat her shit [ D-Loc ] You know the silly bitches I don't like The Michael Jordan-New Edition-get with a star-type I used to have one, with ass like a whale tail Wanted to get on my team cause a nigga had mail For those that don't know, mail means money But no, I don't pay for pussy, honey I might do the pimpin if you can do the dishin Cause stackin up dollars is my number one ( ? ) In this society in which we're livin If you're gonna have a bitch, you got to be spendin So to the ladies on the b.s. tip Sing along, fellas: you're just a groupie-ass bitch [ Richie Rich ] Haha, that's it Let them hoes know D-Loc, peep this out I got with a bitch about a month ago She ain't called me yet And I know when she peep the video she gon' be tryin to get with me But what would you tell a punk-ass bitch like that? [ D-Loc ] Don't even call, I played ya like a foul ball In a month or two you'll be through Schemin on my label for a story or a fable You just caught the vapors and nothin can save you We used to be together on the 9 to 5 But when I stopped spendin money, you stopped spendin time It's sort of like a game, so the story goes I was once told you reap what you sow If that's true, let me phrase this statement: Suck my dick, cause I ain't takin it The stories, the lies, the alibis You see, I'm only 19, but I'm livin the life So to the girlies out there I can't get with Men, let's come again: you're just a groupie-ass bitch (Cause a bitch is a) (biatch) [ Richie Rich ] Haha, let them hoes know (Just another freak for the truz and vogues) [ D-Loc ] The subject of this object, if you object Is to get my point across as clear and correct As I can get when I'm talkin this shit Therefore I must ensure explicit lyrics Like: shit, bitch, fuck with this Put your muthafuckin stankin-ass pussy on my dick Ride it like a jockey in a horse race You better get buck wild before I bust you in the fuckin face I ain't soft on a bitch, I'm quite mean Fuckin up the doggy style with no grease Peace to the homies if you know what I'm sayin And if you don't understand - you're not a man You're just a hound loungin around Waitin to sniff some dead presidents I know the sex was just a collect Men, I tell you, we gets no respect Things can change if we do it our way You see, in '89 a bitch was made to slave So homies, for the last time, use your mind Get a grip, boss, and like a pimp Tell her to back off, cause she's a groupie-ass bitch (She's the one)