Lavish (415)

*DJ Daryl cuts up* ) (The money's still long, just livin lavish) [ VERSE 1: Richie Rich ] What is the meaning of lavish? Yo, I started with a single My album's out, so now it's time for me to mingle Well, 'lavish' to me is like mail, straight up So all you hungry muthafuckas pick a plate up Cause I'm about to feed you some dope shit And I'ma sit and sit and sit until it's bit I'm tired of the muthafuckin hype About the black brothers gotta be a stereotype You see, lavish is a one-way ticket And on the back is boldly stamped: 'It's time to kick it' Me, D-Loc, DJ Daryl and Young Tone We put some shit together for the microphone And it's lavish ( *DJ Daryl cuts up* ) (Takes money to survive) [ VERSE 2: Richie Rich ] What is the meaning of lavish? Yo, despite the perpendicular Rap is my sport and on girls I'm real particular Lovin the tour shot when the fellas get to bumpin hoes City to city in the motels be pumpin those I ain't sweatin that, that ain't lavish Because back in the days we used to have this Lavish to me is watchin girls all plex Niggas get to trippin cause I work Rolex I gives a fuck about a nigga and a punk-ass bitch I'm with the 415, my name is Young Richie Rich Just a fresh young brother, no preservatives added And that's Double R's definition of lavish ( *DJ Daryl cuts up* ) (The money still love, still livin lavish) (Takes money to survive) [ VERSE 3: Tone ] Rich, let me describe the motive of a player But first I gotta relax my feet and smoke a tailor Cause I'm about to spit it straight from the set Give it to em all as lavish as lavish can get First topic is monetary Can you hand