Niggas Just Jock Me (415)

[ VERSE 1: D-Loc ] Niggas just jock me, they try to clock me I ain't havin that cause I'm the L to the o, the c I'm not weak or soft like a geek I'm a mack to the world as if I was Goldie Brothers need to know exactly where I'm comin from I knock a nigga out the box like a champion Won't give a fuck if you duck and try to miss one I come again with the pump shotgun A bitch tried to diss, excuse me, miss I'm D muthafuckin Loc, I don't give a shit About yo nigga, I pull the trigger on his ass Spit on the punk, then laugh Yo, another day, another nigga, what the fuck One mo' sucker to bite the dust Now I'm on a gangster tip, straight ruthless Wanted by the police for killin up a trooper You gotta catch me to arrest me Cause yo, I hold a grudge on a nigga with a billy club I'ma die hard, that's my job To straighten out niggas that try to get what I got They don't understand what I'm sayin, man Mister police, niggas just jock me [ VERSE 2: D-Loc ] Deion's the name that was given to me But I'm D-Loc when I chill with the posse Show respect to a brother that's a mack And if you don't, me and the homies'll just rat pack Muthafuckas know Loc is on a rampage You better duck when I bust my 12-guage I might move on a fool with a small gat Lounge in the cut, catch him slippin, then jack Now I just came up like a genius Fat Benzo with vogues and zeniths Hit the strip, slammin 'Groupie Ass Bitch' See all the hoes lookin, it's time to get pussy Hey cutie, you right there Tell your friend behind you to come over here And get with a real man, stop playin with a punk Only chumps drive mini trucks You got a feelin, boy?