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Snitches & Bitches (415)

[ JED ] Nigga what's up What? What's yo muthafuckin problem? - Better than sayin jack They let me go Yo muthafucka, I don't wanna hear that weak shit - Nigga what? Fuck that, I don't wanna hear that weak shit, you old rat-infested goverment informant cheese-eatin ass son of a bitch! You better have your vest on cause you 'bout to come up short ( *shots* ) [ VERSE 1: Richie Rich ] Caught a brother one day gettin out of a cop car I know there's more to come, but the few that have so far Talked to police about more than a court date They're victims of a certain situation I'll illustrate Day-to-day pigeons poppin all that junk About the dollars they makin, a half a ki in the trunk Mobile phone in his lap and ten cars in the shop Sellin more than coke and side orders of hop But there's a catch to that, the boy wasn't prepared He caught a case on a humbug, now he's scared No more hangin with the fellas drinkin gin and juice He's in a situation now where he can't be loose Everybody wears jailies and sleeps on bunks And it's easy to tell the men from the punks So the ones who rhyme but run they mouths like bitches Wants to hit the bullpen, they turn snitches [ JED ] That's why I don't fuck with these old soft ass niggas, out here runnin round here like they 187 artists. Killers don't talk! And these hoes supposed to be high roller ass niggas? Ain't that a bitch! Everytime I look around instead of stickin to the rules of the game, they let circus asses makin decisions for themselves. [ Richie Rich ] Yeah, it's hard times, Young JED, but it goes a little somethin like this: [ VERSE 2: Richie Rich ] The game is hard as wood, the macks don't splinter But yet and still trick-ass niggas wanna enter And with ballot in hand they rush to vote To elect themselves into this game of dope But yo bro, the situation is real Don't slip in this game on a banana peel There's a lot of brothers runnin around pluckin collars Stuck up due to the fact they got dollars Most of em punks gettin marked by young bitches Put in the county, and the punks turn snitches Given a alias, now he's set free Or offered his job to be an f-e-d I don't understand how a brother could turn His cheek on another, homie, when will ya learn? The talkin to cops makes it ten times worse But they keep on talkin, verse after verse Why do brothers wanna hop in this game? Runnin around, they don't know the main frame And when they're caught, they get to talkin like Polly But they don't want a cracker, just bumpin em, snitchin You know what I mean? Now it's the high rollers and not the fiends Take off the Rolex and park all the cars You just a punk, yeah, you know who you are Why did you get in the game if you wasn't equipped? So what you're havin money and your car is whipped? Keep talkin to police, then you're gonna get ??? Cause you'se a punk in a city of players, you'se a stupid muthafucka [ JED ] Double R.. What's up with these old broke, bus ticket-type ass bitches out here, huh? Always tryin to get with a nigga with some mail.. They need to get a muthafuckin j-o-b.. Quit blowin up these niggas' beepers, old stankin ass muthafuckin bitches.. Here's somethin I wanna tell all you hoes: Fuck you! [ VERSE 3: Richie Rich ] Man, these hoes in the Town ain't shit Can't fuck with a nigga unless he's rich Sportin gold ones, man, tryin to make that mail Hoe mopin and hopin that you would treat her to nails Hoe, I can't treat, nah, nah, it's '89 Back in '87 when I was stuck to the grind Money flowin like a river but hoe, I'm not trickin My Zapco's hittin so hard, the light's clippin Girls on the bus stop, all of them coppin a plea To get with the man who slings d Whether ridin a 'Stang or a rag top Beamer The h-o's want to get with who's cleaner So boys from the O, all of those who make riches What do we do? Dog bitches Knockin and sockin is a everyday thing The turfs and the side show is where the boys hang Hoe on jock for a brother with a fade Some zeniths, some vogues and the boy's got it made As she makes the block with a baby in a stroller Her only destination: to find a high roller But hoe get real, run and go get a job Cause if I ever come to snatch ya, I be ridin a mob ( *horn honked* ) [ woman ] Who is that? [ Richie Rich ] It's me, come on.. [ woman ] Ah-ah, I didn't recognize you in that shit.. Where your Mustang? [ Richie Rich ] Ain't that about a bitch? These hoes out here think niggas gon' taxi em around on gold ones? Nah-nah, it's 1990, y'all hoes better ??? to these muthafuckin old schools Bitch, jump in the bucket.. [ woman ] The door don't open.. [ JED ] Double R, fuck that hoe! Tell her make like the muthafuckin Duke boys and crawl through the muthafuckin window (Snitches) (snitches) [fades] (Bitches) (bitches) [fades]