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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Revenge Of The Lot Lizard (Lunic)

She wears her hair up high Stockings up to her thighs You know she wanna go down You know she's been around While you sleep, she will creep out of the shadows like a leach Hide your neck, lock the doors Put up the cross cause she's a wrong-way girl She's gonna rock your world She climbs up to the glass You watch her shake her ass A succubus with a nice smile You'll let her stay for a while While you sleep, your soul she'll keep She'll make you wonder, make you weep Beneath the covers of the world The wicked game of the wrong-way girl She's gonna rock your world Don't be shy, you're all mine I'll take what I want, I'll take my time Nothing you can do You're just a man, fool Lie back, be sweet Feel the heat Cause I'm a wrong-way girl I'm gonna rock your world