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Grave Reaper (Funebrarum)

In the shadows Of the realm of the dead A spectre has descended Abhorrent visions unknown to man Corporealizing disembodied remnants Transcendent forces Unleashed from the flesh The most decrepit of cadavers Beckons the grave reaper Predatory necromantic powers Willing the dead flesh to rise Wretchedly goremandize Transmogrified Into eternities beyond Rabidly incising flesh Horrifying putrid mess Return him to the realm Of ancient gods A lifeless expanse that time washed away A sickening wasteland of pestilential decay A dark shroud of misery Drapes this forgotten world It is here the reaper’s twisted soul Hungers to return In an instant, torn from malignant bliss Repulsive immortal at madness’ precipice Eternal torment, salvation in his grip Scavenged remains torn from the crypt Grave Reaper Bloodthirsty pillager of rotted flesh Goremandize ... In the shadows of the realm of the dead A fiend continues to feast Horrifying visage unknown to man Ghastly ravenous beast Transcendent forces Unleashed from the flesh Of the most putrescent of the dead Where the deceased are torn From their ancient slumber You will know the Grave Reaper has fed